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SilverBull Multiuse Gear Bag

Transportní vak / velkoobjemová taška

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Kategorie: Batohy a tašky
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3.290,00 Kč , plus doprava

Varianty SilverBull Multiuse Gear Bag
SilverBull Multiuse Gear Bag

A real all-rounder for about every professional climber.

This tough bag is made of PVC-coated canvas and offers

  • Two robust handles
  • Stowable shoulder straps and back mesh
  • Furthermore three heavy-duty eyelets for using the bag as hanging rack. To provide this the Multiuse has two inserted floors to hinge away. These can be fixed slightly inclined to prevent the content from falling out easily.
  • Loops, an integrated mesh bag in the cover plus several further gadgets make for well-arranged storage and transportation.

Perfect for an entire basic hardware for rope climbing.

Volume cca 63 litres.

Suggested filling weight 15 kg maximum.

Váha 2 kg
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